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AutoCanada understands the importance of collision repair to the lifecycle of vehicle ownership. Safe and proper collision repairs play a significant role in customer satisfaction, brand, and dealership loyalty, hence why we are establishing the best collision repair platform in Canada!

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Why selling to AutoCanada benefits you:

  • We provide industry leading valuations for strong operations that have invested in OEM Certifications.
  • We are flexible on the type of purchase (Share/Asset). We do prefer a Share Purchase for the following reasons: Not only is this a tax advantage to the seller, but this makes for a smoother more stable transition for your team members. It is of upmost importance that all team members remain with AutoCanada long-term!
  • For sellers that own the building and property, we are flexible on a purchase or long-term lease of the building and property. This allows you as the seller to have flexibility in your retirement planning.
  • AutoCanada wants to continue your legacy by maintaining your Brand. You have built a successful business and reputation in your community, and we want to continue that success!
  • We can execute on the purchase – As a public company, we have the financing to close the acquisition quickly.

At AutoCanada, we have a lot to offer:

  • OEM Certification Sponsorships
  • Centralized services including Marketing, Human Resources, Information Technologies, Facilities, Accounting and Collision Expertise
  • Economies of Scale
  • Collision Production Expertise
  • Industry best practices and tools

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AutoCanada is built to win:

AutoCanada’s footprint includes both Canada and the United States. AutoCanada manages 82 dealerships and 25 OEM brands that includes a car park of approximately 60,000+ cars in each of the past 4 years. This equates to almost $130MM in collision repairs annually. The combination of referrals, a dedicated AutoCanada collision support team, high quality estimates and repairs that are in line with OEM procedures will lead to above average gross profit margins. This winning combination will be more profitable, lead to greater opportunities for all team members and builds greater loyalty with our customers, resulting in repeat vehicle purchases. The cycle continues!

Arthur Crawford
Vice President

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