Only AutoCanada Collision Centres can issue a Approved Certificate of Repair guaranteeing your vehicle was restored to its original factory safety specifications by trained collision repair technicians, using only Original Parts.

When it comes to damage caused by an accident, there’s often more than meets the eye. Even a minor collision can undermine your vehicle’s structural integrity, mechanical systems, electronics, and performance.

Even with minor repairs, AutoCanada Collision Centres take major care to deliver precise work using approved procedures and equipment.

Repairing your vehicle at our repair centre ensures all manufacturer warranty requirements are met. Trust your repairs to the experts at AutoCanada Collision Centres, Canada’s most state of the art repair shops.

Top Four Things You Should Know When It Comes to AutoCanada Ford Certified Collision Repair


A Ford Car Deserves Ford Collision Parts

Each part is designed and engineered specifically for your vehicle, meaning each new Original Ford Collision Part is built to maintain the quality, safety and integrity you’ve come to expect as a Ford owner. You bought a Ford, and when you choose Ford Collision Parts, you keep it a Ford.

AutoCanada Ford Certified Collision Centres

AutoCanada Ford Certified Collision Centres

Choose the Shop that Fits You and Your Vehicle Best

When looking for a collision shop, make sure you choose a place that you’re comfortable with. A great place to start is the list of locations below, where you can search every certified Ford Dealer and recognized independent body shop in your area, with techs who are trained and qualified to work on your Ford. Remember, your insurance company can’t steer you toward a specific shop and you don’t have to release your car from the tow lot until you have found a shop you’re comfortable with.


Know Your Insurance Policy

If you need to use your insurance, it’s important to know what it covers. Check your policy for information about OEM parts coverage. Your insurer cannot force certain repair parts on you; it is your right to have your vehicle repaired with new OEM parts. While insurance coverage varies by provider and policy, if your current provider doesn’t offer OEM parts coverage, it may be time to shop around for a provider that does.

AutoCanada Ford Certified Collision Centres

AutoCanada Ford Certified Collision Centres

Ask for Ford Parts

You bought a Ford for a reason. So, when you’re having repairs done, remember, it’s your call which parts get put into, or onto your vehicle. You’re entitled to all the information regarding the repair of your vehicle, so make sure you get it and stay in charge of it.

What to Do if You’re in a Collision

Move to a safe spot if possible, turn on your hazard lights and be careful getting out of the vehicle.

Check to see if anyone is injured or needs assistance and call 911.

Use the Collision Guideform below to make sure you collect information from the other driver and any witnesses.

AutoCanada Ford Certified Collision Centres

Collision Guide

If you’re ever in an accident, the most important thing is to make sure you and anyone else involved are safe. Anything else you need to worry about is included in this Collision Guide.

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