FCA Certified
FCA Certified



Only AutoCanada Collision Centres can issue a Approved Certificate of Repair guaranteeing your vehicle was restored to its original factory safety specifications by trained collision repair technicians, using only Original Parts.

When it comes to damage caused by an accident, there’s often more than meets the eye. Even a minor collision can undermine your vehicle’s structural integrity, mechanical systems, electronics, and performance.

Even with minor repairs, AutoCanada Collision Centres take major care to deliver precise work using approved procedures and equipment.

Repairing your vehicle at our repair centre ensures all manufacturer warranty requirements are met. Trust your repairs to the experts at AutoCanada Collision Centres, Canada’s most state of the art repair shops.

FCA Certified

AutoCanada Ram Certified / FCA Certified Collision Repair

AutoCanada Ram Certified / FCA Certified Collision Repair Centres are i-CAR Gold Class recognized and accredited by local insurance providers.

FCA Certified


Get your vehicle – and your life – back on-track fast.

Accidents, even small ones, are a major disruption. But understanding your rights as a consumer when it comes to communicating with your insurance company and a body shop can help lessen the stress of the situation.

What is the Value of Certification?

With 4800 body shops in Canada, how are you able to tell the good ones from the bad? How can a consumer tell the difference and pick one that has the right tools, equipment, training and facilities? The certification credentials create that distinction and provide consumers with peace of mind. By meeting these requirements, Certified body shops can demonstrate that they have what it takes to properly repair vehicles to manufacturer specifications.

By certifying shops, OEMs can refer customers to body shops with confidence, knowing that Certified shops make the grade. The sign on the wall and our official credentials prove that your Certified shop is a step above the rest and in a league of your own.

A Certified Collision Care Provider in every community creates a national blanket of body shops that are consumer-focused and able to deliver an exceptional experience. These shops have the right tools, equipment, training and facilities to properly repair Fiat Chrysler Automobiles vehicles to manufacturer specifications.

FCA Certified

  • It’s your right to demand only OEM parts on your vehicle
  • It’s your right to choose where to have your vehicle repaired
  • It’s your right to know exactly what parts are being replaced and with what
  • It’s your right to bring a vehicle back for further repairs if you’re not satisfied
  • Learn more about your rights here.

FCA Certified


Report the accident to your insurance company, ideally within 48-hours. File an accident report with local police and/or DMV as-required.


Check whether your policy includes coverage for authentic OEM parts to be used in a collision repair. Since aftermarket parts are often cheaper, complete OEM coverage can sometimes require an insurance premium/rider. Coverage varies by policy and OEM parts requirements vary by province, learn more here.


Ask specifically that OEM parts be included in the repair estimate. Remember, using non-OEM parts compromises your safety, as well as your vehicle’s performance and value.


Don’t release your vehicle from a tow yard until you’ve found the auto body shop you want to use. And don’t sign anything until you understand the estimate and agree to the repairs and parts listed. Be clear about the repair timeline and ask questions to understand expectations from the repair facility.


Many repairs happen below the surface, where safety and performance can be most compromised. Here are some helpful tips on what to look for when retrieving your repaired vehicle.


Does your vehicle have a lithium-ion battery? Learn how to handle your lithium-ion battery and contact the dealership you purchased your vehicle from to arrange an assessment after an accident.


Repairs after a collision affect the safety and performance of your vehicle, not just how it looks. By ensuring your repairs are made using Mopar® collision parts over aftermarket ones, you’ll have the advantage of quality parts engineered to fit and function specifically in your FCA US LLC vehicle. So be sure to check whether your insurance policy includes coverage for authentic OEM parts. See below for a few examples of the Mopar® Difference.

Why Choose Authentic Mopar® Collision Repair Parts?

It’s simple. Our parts have been engineered exclusively for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep®, Ram, FIAT® and Alfa Romeo Brand vehicles. So, your vehicle will not only look great after a repair, but also provide a safe and reliable ride…no matter where the road of life takes you.

Watch the video to learn more about how Mopar® Parts offer peace of mind for your drive.

Durability And Performance

Designed To Outperform The Aftermarket

The quality of an aftermarket part cannot compare to an authentic Mopar Part. We performed a 12-week corrosion test on a Mopar Fender and an aftermarket fender. Both fenders were scratched and exposed to extreme conditions designed to simulate 5 years of exposure to snow, humidity, salt and fog. The results undeniably show the durability of the Mopar Part.

Structural Integrity and Safety

Keeping Your Vehicle Safe… and Like New

Fascias that won’t warp. Headlamps that properly align and output optimum light for driver safety. High-strength sheet metals that are integral to a durable chassis structure. Mirrors that guide you with a crash avoidance system. Mopar Parts are all built with the highest quality materials and tested to meet safety and structural guidelines that are difficult to reproduce in the aftermarket.

The Perfect Fit

Engineered to Fit and Function Properly

Whether it’s a fender or headlamp — when a part fits right, it performs better… it’s really that simple. Take Mopar Glass, for example. Because the windows are designed specifically for FCA products, they have the optimum fit in your vehicle, which could prevent a variety of problems in the long run — from leaks and unwanted wind or road noise, to water damage and corrosion. Non-Mopar parts that deviate from FCA specifications can require extensive rework for acceptable appearance, fit and finish.

Authentic Quality

Built For Your Vehicle

Aftermarket like kind/quality (LKQ). Reconditioned. Or even counterfeit! These are some examples of non-OEM parts. Insist on Authentic Mopar Collision Parts for quality repairs that will return your vehicle to its original safe and reliable condition.

Just a few precautions that could save you hours of headache.


Believe it or not, this is a very important step. Just as vehicles and drivers vary, so do insurance policies – from the coverage to repair exclusions. Did you know…

  • Each province has unique minimum liability insurance requirements you must carry
  • In an effort to keep their costs down, insurance companies often try to get body shops to use the cheapest parts when making repairs on vehicles, which can compromise the safety, performance and resale of your vehicle? Learn about the advantages of OEM parts here.
  • OEM parts requirements vary by province, and that requesting specifically that OEM parts be used in your vehicle repairs often entails paying an additional insurance premium or rider?


It’s not always possible to think clearly about what you’ll need at the scene of an accident. But these handy tools will help you be ready to gather the info you’ll need.

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