When you come in for your initial vehicle inspection, inform your dedicated Collision Consultant of how we can assist in making the repair process stress-free in transportation arrangements. If you choose to wait for your vehicle in our customer service lounge, we offer free Wi-Fi access and complimentary coffee and tea.

Your Experience

Repairing your vehicle is more than just returning it pre-accident condition. At AutoCanada Collision Centres, we offer a number of services to ensure you have a pleasant experience. We understand the inconvenience that comes with being in a collision. Our collision consultants aim to make your experience as stress-free as possible by providing you with regular updates on your vehicle’s repair progress. That way you can relax while our technicians repair your vehicle to the highest standard.

Finishing Touches

We want to exceed your expectations every time! After the repairs are complete, a final quality check is performed to ensure safety. We apply the finishing touches and your vehicle is cleaned inside and out. When it comes time to pick up your vehicle, we will thoroughly review with you all the repairs completed, answer any questions you may have, and ensure you are 100% satisfied with our quality workmanship that has created lifelong customers.

If You Are Not Satisfied, Neither Are We

By utilizing User-friendly Mitchell RepairCenter™ Survey Reports, AutoCanada:

  • Gains valuable insights needed to improve daily processes, exceed customer expectations and deliver the best possible repair experience
  • Survey questions proven to reveal the primary drivers of satisfaction with the repair experience
  • Professional emails collect accurate information in a consistent format
  • Impartial data—you mention things about your experiences that you might not feel comfortable saying in person
  • Real-time alerts warn us of a negative survey response, allowing us to proactively deal with issues as they arise

If you are not completely satisfied, please advise on how we can make your experience better!

Mitchell Customer Satisfaction Award