Environmental Goals

We are focused on ensuring a more sustainable future for the planet, one of our goals are aimed at improving environmental performance and reducing the impact of our operations. At the core of our commitment to environmental sustainability is a goal to achieve carbon neutrality in our operations by 2042.

We are proud to host environmentally friendly waterborne paint technology at all our Collision Centres instead of using materials containing harsh chemicals. Our Certified Technicians offer consistent, professional and accurate auto repair services using environmentally friendly practices in order to better serve your vehicle and the community.


Sustainability is central to the AutoCanada Collision Centre business. We are committed to being a good neighbor and providing our customers with the best service possible. We have strong environmental policies in place, as well as corporate governance practices that we find essential to our growth and success

Our Collision Centres across Canada are making a continuous effort to minimize their impact on the environment. Many of the products our Collision Centres use have been developed and align own sustainability goals, increasing productivity and reducing emissions, energy use, and waste.

We engage with a variety of stakeholders including customers, suppliers, investors, industry organizations, and others to listen, learn and find ways to continually improve our performance.

Our communities

we support local organizations, community initiatives and environmental stewardship efforts that improve the lives of people in the places where our employees and our customers live and work, with a focus on supporting diverse and disadvantaged community members.