Windshield chip repairs

The windshield and windows are an integral part of the vehicle’s structure and safety.

From minor repairs to complete replacements, AutoCanada Collision Centres provide glass repair for all vehicle makes and models.

It is best to repair a chipped windshield right away to prevent the damage from spreading and cracking, and in the end save you time and money. If your vehicle has a chip in the glass, see an AutoCanada Collision Centre for a stress-free,
quality repair.

Contact us to book an appointment at a time convenient for you and we will repair your windshield while you wait!

Windshield Glass Replacement - AutoCanada Collision Centres

Replacing windshields with genuine parts

Imagine driving without a windshield – the wind in your eyes and debris traveling from the road to your vehicle. We’re confident it wouldn’t make for a fun driving experience, which is why a windshield is such an integral part of any vehicle.

As the windshield plays a significant role in protecting drivers, if it is damaged, it should be replaced with a OEM Genuine replacement installed by a trained technician for your utmost safety and security. If you’re not sure if the
windshield you’re replacing is original equipment, any AutoCanada Collision Centre can help source the proper windshield and assist with the installation process.

Using Genuine OEM windshields is critical, as they integrate with our advanced vehicle technology, including head-up display, camera sensors for accident avoidance systems, rain sensors, antennas and heating elements. Other windshields may not
account for these components and could impact their functionality.

Windshield Glass Replacement - AutoCanada Collision Centres

Why should an OEM genuine windshield be used for repairs?

  • As most glass repair shops or suppliers use “Aftermarket” windshields that are not the same as a Genuine OEM Windshield, they may not take into account the design, quality, fit and finish of the windshield it is
    replacing. Our windshields are tested to make sure they will remain rigid if there is a collision, whereas aftermarket may not have been tested to the same specifications.
  • It’s also important to have your camera recalibrated when the new windshield is installed so that the OEM Safety Sense functions are set to factory specifications. A specific OEM designed diagnostic computer
    connects to the vehicle’s onboard computer systems to recalibrate the TSS features. A non-OEM installation may not be able to ensure the camera is mounted and focused as it was at the manufacturing plant.

What happens if the safety system camera isn’t recalibrated?

  • If the camera is not aimed in the proper position, safety systems may not function as they’re supposed to. For example, the Lane Departure Alert uses the camera in the windshield to scan the road for the road
    markings and/or lines to help
    keep the vehicle within a lane. If it’s in the wrong position, it may think the vehicle is drifting from its lane when it’s not and alert drivers, which could cause confusion or an accident.
  • Camera sensors could also malfunction if the windshield is cracked or damaged. If your windshield needs repairs, it’s best to contact an AutoCanada Collision Centre.

If my vehicle has an aftermarket windshield installed, will it affect my warranty?

  • Yes. If the aftermarket windshield leads to damage to other systems, then the OEM warranty will not cover the damage.If your windshield repair costs are being covered by an Insurance provider or another source,
    insist that you want a OEM
    Windshield installed and if your vehicle is equipped with Safety System, you want the camera calibration or any other sensor calibration that could be affected by the installation of a new windshield performed by AutoCanada.