Why is choosing a “certified” collision centre a good thing?

  • You get better quality repairs with certified collision centres, but why? At AutoCanada Collision Centres, we believe that the little details matter. Many customers mistakenly think that being certified is a small, ordinary designation that every repair shop gets. While others may not even know or consider taking their vehicle to a certified centre.
  • In reality, being certified makes a huge difference in terms of function, longevity, value and overall safety of your vehicle. Using a certified collision centre ensures that the same factory safety and quality ratings are met when your vehicle is repaired by our certified technicians.

What does Certified mean to me?

  • When a Collision has manufacturer certification, which means they then have access to better equipment, knowledge and tools to better serve the customer with better quality repairs. By using OEM or genuine manufacturer parts, we want to ensure our customers receive the correct products and procedures to ensure the same factory safety and quality ratings are met.

Builder technician training.

  • After a technician has attained at least 2 years of experience in collision repair, he can then be certified under the program of his choice. Our technicians undergo extensive training to ensure that every repair meets manufacturer specifications. The same considerations are taken when it comes to our luxury vehicles, ensuring our technicians stay up to date with training and current manufacturer specifications.

Sustainable repairs.

  • Understanding the different types of certifications in the auto repair industry can be overwhelming. When checking out repair shops near you, look for a centre that has technicians trained by your vehicle’s manufacturer.
  • Usually, after an accident, your insurance company will will provide a list of body repair shops. Remember that it is ultimately your decision to have your vehicle repaired. We want you to feel 100% confident in where you choose to go and in the exceptional quality of service you will receive. So make sure the next time you have an accident, choose a recognized collision centre!